Id like an anime and disney look-a-like, and also a personality match :)

Name: Lynn

Favorite color: purple

hobbies: cooking, yoga, hiking, mushroom hunting

likes: animals, science & biology, tattoos, art, helping people, mysteries, veganism, nature

dislikes: liars, cheaters, ignorant people

describe yourself in 3 positive words: passionate, caring, smart

describe yourself in 3 negative words: controlling, intimidating, opinionated

clothing style: I like to wear lots of free flowing clothes, dresses, leggings, soft shirts and warm boots. comfiness over fashion.

if I could be anything in the world Id be a scientist that works to preserve engendered species and visit amazing beautiful places in the world, id be a traveler  

my lifes dream is to support a family

thanks I adore your blog & the fact you do this :3!

Hello love!!! :D You are gorgeous!!! :D You look so much like Mayuri from Steins Gate, Mei Misaki from Another, and Snow White! For your personality matches, you remind me so much of Tomoyo Sakagami from Clannad and Tiana! Like Tomoyo, you love cooking, hiking, nature, science & biology, and helping people; you dislike liars, cheaters, and ignorant people; you are passionate, caring, smart, intimidating, and opinionated like her; your preference for comfort over fashion reminds me so much of her; and your desire to preserve an endangered species reminds me of Tomoyo’s desire to save the Cherry Blossom trees! You are also like Tiana in that you love cooking, mushroom hunting, animals, helping people, and nature; you dislike liars and cheaters; you are passionate, caring, smart, controlling, and opinionated like her; and your clothing style reminds me so much of her! 

Thank you so much for your submission!!! :D Have a magical day!!! :D

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Bitch please I’m Fabulous!

Bitch please I’m Fabulous!

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